Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Roosevelt Island Escalators - How to Read the MTA Status Page

NYC TA EE Status Bar

One thing that occasionally confused me about the MTA NYCTA Elevator and Escalator Status web page is which escalators were the codes referring to? The page itself is a great resource which I first posted on back on August 1, 2007 as long as you can understand it.

RI Street Level_at12p_wE213

The images presented were prepared so riders would better understand which codes refer to which escalator and where to find each escalator’s code on the equipment itself if you wanted to report an outage. As noted on the above picture the code number sits on the bottom right as you face the escalator. The graphic below details the location of each escalator. The stairs are noted by simple horizontal lines. Equipment closed for construction are in yellow and those in white are supposedly operational.

Historically ES412, ES415, ES418, ES419 are down escalators and ES413, ES416, and ES417 are up escalators. ES411 and ES415 worked as swing escalators and operated as down escalators during the morning rush hour and up during the evening rush.

Escalator Map

The TA asks that outages be reported via phone calls to (718) 243-3222, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. The TA continues to ask that if no one answers the line that a detailed message be left. Presumably reporting the correct escalator code number would be a good thing.

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