Friday, September 28, 2007

Remembering Goldwater Hospital’s Construction & Purpose Before The City Acts to Raze Her

2007 June 30 Issue Wire Headline

This Main Street Wire, earlier this Summer, in their June 30, 2007 issue, reported on the proposed plans to consolidate Coler-Goldwater Hospital within its Coler Campus razing the Goldwater campus for potentially residential buildings. Upon finding the below pictures and related articles regarding the initial construction of Goldwater I thought it worthy to bring these images back into the light.

Goldwater is certainly not at the point of being demolished yet and I am sure a big fight will ensue before it happens as the plans reported on were proposals only but you can imagine how various developers will be lining up for that land. For nearly two centuries this island has been used for the “welfare” of the City’s population in times of medical need. To allow the City to raze Goldwater based upon the market value of this property is a shame but unfortunately probably inevitable.

1949 - NYT - Pioneer Work

1949 - NYT - Pioneer para 1


2937 - March 31 - Goldwater Framework

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  1. even worse - the ultimate goal is to build a mid-rise for the goldwater patients next to coler, where the east parking lot is. then, lighthouse park will be torn up and a retirement center will be put in its place.