Friday, September 14, 2007

Southpoint Park : Was it always there?

southpoint_Landfill_creation at 75p

Yesterday’s Gothamist showed the effects of 400 years of landfill on Lower Manhattan and how the tip of Manhattan grew to its present day girth. It’s a picture worth checking out as most New Yorkers just think and recall that Battery Park was built on top of landfill.

The above image details Roosevelt Island’s own growth due to landfill. For instance how many of you knew that Roosevelt Island’s Southern tip used to stop just after the Renwick Ruin? Well it did and a good part of Southpoint Park is the result of the subway coming to the island. So now you know where all that rock went to the next time you descend down those escalators and stand on the F Train platform.

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  1. ooh - where'd you get that sequence? any shots of the rest of the island's shore through the years? probably not many pics before the wright brothers, but still .....