Monday, September 3, 2007

Three New YouTube Videos about Roosevelt Island

The Roosevelt Islander found two new YouTube videos of Roosevelt Island and the Tram and posted them to his blog early this morning, Monday, September 3, 2007.

Great finds Roosevelt Islander.

I admit at first felt I should not post here about these videos but since this blog’s base is of video life here on the Island I wanted to at least provide the links. Readers can view the videos directly on YouTube or on the Roosevelt Islander to also enjoy his commentary and other related content.

The first is of a stroll on the Roosevelt Island Promenade by a new island resident / YouTube user alaindecarolis .

The second is of a night time ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram posted by YouTube user atombot.


The third video is one of the Tram entering the Manhattan Tram Station from the perspective of an individual standing on the street below. Just to give you the idea of how close the cabins land to the street.

Direct YouTube Link. Video shot by bridgeandtunnelclub

As with all the YouTube videos I embed here on this blog I try to provide links back to the videographers YouTube homepage in case you like their style and are interested in other videos they have posted online.

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