Sunday, September 2, 2007

Boating Incident by the Roosevelt Island Bridge

The Gothamist is reporting that at approximately 12:20 pm this afternoon, Sunday, September 2, 2007, there was a boat in distress in the East River’s Eastern Channel by the Roosevelt Island Bridge. I have seen no other reports about this incident.

As anyone who lives here knows the tides that control the flow of water up and down the East River can be quite strong so that is always a possibility for many unexperienced boaters. Again with no supporting reports it is unknown what lead to this incident and what information the Gothamist based their report on.


  1. someone with a very nice boat failed to heed the height restriction on the welfare island bridge... took down both masts, likely ripped them from their mounts in the hull, and caused a leak. when we left, they were refusing a tow, but i doubt the police would let them leave hallet's cove like that. sad - and expensive - holiday for the crew!

  2. What must make this worse for the owners is that if they goal was to simply pass Roosevelt Island they could have done so from the Western Channel and none of this would have happened. Was it just the Harbor Police you saw or were there ground based cruisers up on the bridge as well?

    Thanks for the update and comment. I get so few comments.

  3. harbor police and some rescue units on the shore here. no cruisers on the bridge - tho i'd hope SOMEone went to check for damage!