Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Little Red (Roosevelt Island) Lighthouse It Is Not

Little Red Lighthouse

The Roosevelt Island Lighthouse does not have a children’s book about it, as does the Little Red Lighthouse, nor an annual festival in its honor hosted by the NYC Parks Department (the 15th Annual Festival was held yesterday 9/15/07), bringing it eternal love from children worldwide but it does have a real kooky story about asylum patients and inmates who built a fort at its location prior to its commission. Sounds like a really cool movie just waiting to be made starring a much younger Robin Williams.


You can read the whole story at the Lighthouse web page of the Roosevelt Island Historical Walk. The story related by the RI Walk has been picked up by other sources only adding to the mystery.

Loghthouse - McCarthy Stone

The picture above is the stone referred to in each of the histories as giving credit for the lighthouse construction to John McCarthy.

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