Friday, September 7, 2007

Fall for Arts Festival - 2006 Video

Roosevelt Island on October 6, 2007 will host it’s Annual Fall for Arts Festival. The deadline for performers and artists to submit their applications is today, September 7th, per the RIOC website. The Festival last year attracted a number of local performers and artists showcasing their work in addition to individuals from off the island. Per the RIOC website, there will be a final meeting regarding the Festival on September 27th at the RIVAA Gallery.

The below video is part of a larger video I taped of a puppeteer performing for the children and adults alike. This video focuses on the Ballerina and perhaps should have been shot closer to the puppet but I felt at the time I wanted to capture the performer and how she brought the puppet to life. My then two year old was captivated by the DVD I made and it was played constantly. The performance was shot just around the corner from the 501 Main Street sign.

I will try to find the performer’s contact info and post it here for those interested. The other puppet she performed with was a magician. Both puppets were beautiful and obviously hand made.

I really hope this year’s festival has more programs for young children. The arts and crafts were fun but after that and the puppet show some of the kids got bored. The art wall on the lawn at Blackwell Park was great to look at into the late Autumn on the way to the Tram and Subway each day.

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