Saturday, September 15, 2007

Riverwalk Toddler Playground: (1) Fix the Gate

p9140432_toddler gate_w graphic

P9140434_park w gate _ small

Ok, I am back on my Riverwalk Toddler playground obsession. In short the gate is broken again. I left a message at RIOC Facility Operations as I understand they are responsible for the maintenance on the park.

The picture above is of the gate from earlier today. If you have not been to the park in some time you may notice that the mechanism is now at the top and no longer in the middle of the gate. Without getting into great detail apparently the teachers at the MSKCC Day Care Facility had their kids in the park one morning and a child got out without their knowing and even made it up to the street before the escape was noticed. For all concerned it ended with the child being found and returned safely but the lock was quickly changed.

What I am hoping is that the same quick service will result in the lock now being FIXED. But alas my wife tells me that the lock has been broken for at least a couple of weeks which gets me worried. I can understand parts being on order but when there are kids involved extra parts should always be in stock. Especially when there has already been an incident of a child who figured out how to escape.

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