Monday, September 24, 2007

Tram Used as Ambulance while RI Bridge Stuck Open

P9240018_Bridge Open at 13p

According to the Roosevelt Islander during the period the bridge was stuck open there were two incidents requiring emergency transport off the island via the Tram.

When asked for confirmation RIOC President Stephen Shane replied:

"There were two (2) emergency calls, one being a woman in labor who was transported off the Island by the Tram to a waiting ambulance and the other a cardiac incident handled by a NYC FD ambulance which was on the Island already.

We are not in a position to disclose either the names or outcomes of the parties involved.

Stephen H. Shane
President & CEO
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp.

While the fact that a pregnant woman being taken via tram to Manhattan while in labor is not new to have it happen while the bridge is out is unfortunate and worrisome. If the tram had been out of service it could have been an issue.

I have often wondered if there are any trained trauma medical personnel at either of the Coler-Goldwater hospitals. I would expect if anything they could handle a baby being born and a cardiac arrest. You would think?

Nore re Picture: This picture is of the bridge fully open. To my understanding based on the video news footage seen the bridge was only "open" or rather stuck open with only a few left before it was returned to a fully closed position.

Update 9-25-07 1:10pm:

A subsequent e-mail to Mr. Shane asked for confirmation whether the cardiac patient had been climbing the subway steps up to street level. Mr. Shane responded "I have no specific information. I was under the impression that the problem came from one of the hospitals. " Either way obviously we all hope the individual is recovering and getting better. Thanks again Mr. Shane for your replies.


  1. any chance the cardiac incident was someone climbing the stairs in the subway station?

  2. Not known. I will see if I can find out.