Saturday, September 1, 2007

NY Times (9/02/07): Living On / Roosevelt Island

The New York Times Real Estate section this Sunday, September 2, 2007, will includes an article, by C.J. Hughs, titled “An Island Joins the Mainstream”. The article is part of their “Living In” series here retitled “Living On” due to the neighborhood’s island status.

The article is your standard real estate review of the island’s Mitchell-Lama history, the rental levels and costs, and also talks about the newer market rate apartment buildings and construction growth. I suppose it is the newer market rate apartments and the existence of our Starbucks and the pending Duane Reade that justify the “Joins the Mainstream” designation.

The article includes your standard Tram shot of the newest Riverwalk construction site and the riverfront facing Manhattan as well a few graphics. As is normal for the “Living In” series there are discussion of the schools, transportation, and area history. Pretty standard review.

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