Saturday, September 22, 2007

Roosevelt Island Tram Staff - 9/16 Evacuation Drills

Last weekend, Sunday, September 16, 2007 the Tram was offline from 6am through 2pm so that the Tram staff could practive various evacuation drills including the single person bucket and the red basket.

The pictures in the above slide show were provided by Judy Berdy who reported the following regarding the drills:

The first part was to open the bottom hatch and safely lower the passengers to the ground one by one in a bag. It is tricky since the cable and winch are all hand operated and it takes a lot of strength to do this exercise correctly. All the tram staff had to man the pulley, the cable spool and then descend themselves to the ground.

The second rescue was more dramatic, hanging the red rescue cabin and bringing it up to the cabin to evacuate passengers through the window. It took about 90 minutes to set up the rescue cage and come to the tram cabin. The windows are removed and you step up on the bench seat and out the window. With a perfect match there is no "air" space between the cabins and 10 people can ride the cage at a time.

Thanks to Armando Cordova and the tram staff for a great and safe drill. They do this twice a year to stay informed on procedures.

Thanks Judy for the pictures and the info regarding the drills. On September 6th, RIOC honored specific RIOC employees for their dedication and years of service. The Wire on 9/22 provided the full list of awards. I provide here, within the slides show, a listing of the Tram staffers so honored.

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