Monday, September 17, 2007

New Jodie Foster Movie: Includes a Roosevelt Island Scene?

In it’s review of the movie “The Brave One”, the new Jodie Foster flick, the Reverse Blog indicates that one scene involves a killing on Roosevelt Island:

“The biggest eye-rolls come courtesy of Terrence "baby wipes" Howard's detective ("the only living cop in New York," as my friend chuckled), who literally is on every crime scene of Foster's random killing spree: whether it's on the Upper West Side or Roosevelt Island, they always conveniently seem to be in his jurisdiction.”

Did part of this movie film here on Roosevelt Island? Or did they re-create their version of Roosevelt Island? Has anybody seen it yet to answer these questions?


  1. It certainly doesn't look dissimilar to something you would find on Roosevelt Island. Do you guys have a 4 - 5 story parking garage with red metal handrails?

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  3. They filmed on Roosevelt Island during August 2006.