Sunday, September 16, 2007

Would Roosevelt Island Residents Mourn Gristedes Departure?


According to the Gothamist, John Catsimatidis, Owner of Gristedes, believes that rising rents will drive grocery stores out of New York City. Many Roosevelt Island residents may not mind if our own Gristedes was one of them as many have complained that their prices have long been too high (due to a near monopoly) and that many products at this location are stale and out of date.

If you are a resident of Roosevelt Island would you mourn a departure of current supermarket Gristedes? Granted Catsimedes is stating that he thinks all supermarkets could be driven out not just his.

The Main Street Wire reported in its September 8, 2007 issue that six local vendors just had their leases renewed by RIOC. I don’t recall any mention regarding the Gristedes lease in recent issue or how long their current lease has. It is felt and hoped that with the addition of the Duane Reade at Southtown that Gristedes will lower prices and increase its quality. We shall see.

But if this Gristedes goes I know some residents will not mourn its loss. The problem is whether RIOC could even replace it with another supermarket chain. That is a whole separate issue as a “full service” supermarket is a necessity on the island. Thank heavens for Fresh Direct.


  1. i would miss Gristedes like i would miss a hole in my head.

    would be great to see anything, sepecially a trader joe's or even a whole foods (aka empty wallet).

  2. I wouldn't miss Gristedes at all. As long as some other grocery store is going to replace it. Even a WHole Foods would be okay since our Gristedes is hardly any cheaper than a Whole Foods.

    I would like to see a Food Emporium, though. I think the FE is one of the best regular grocery chains NYC has to offer.

  3. Actually Gristedes Roosvelt Island is MORE expensive than whole foods for less quality.
    Personally i am doing all my shopping at food emporium under the bridge, which is less expensive and with more choice and better products

  4. Not only is the Gristedes more expensive for a limited selection of (often expired) products, they never ever label them with prices. And when they do, one is more often than not charged a higher price at the resigiter. And, of course, the employees couldn't care less.
    Somebody here said it rightly, I would miss Gristedes as much as a hole in my head.

  5. Agreed, I would not miss Gristedes for one minute, and it would be wonderful to see a good, decently priced supermarket with fresh produce and friendly staff, instead.

    Is there anything that can be done to advance this?

    Wholefood's prices are actually cheaper, I can not believe it! They also conveniently accept foodstamps so the Island Residents would only benefit if Gristedes was replaced by Wholefoods.
    Gristede's meat is often so expired to the point that it turns green and so are a lot of other products there. Do not forget to check the expiration date before you buy. Also, watch out for GIANT RATS, they will be randomly crossing your path during shopping a Gristedes.
    I only use Gristedes for emergency shopping aka if a forgot to buy something in the city.