Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Corporate Sponsorship of the Tram – Continued

A few weeks ago the Roosevelt Islander over the course of two days (links to each day) opined on the possibility of corporate sponsorship for the Roosevelt Island Tram resulting in advertising wrapping the Tram cabins much like we see on many city buses. Now most of us can guess that any such move to wrap the tram would be met with widespread resistance and protests. And most us would be protesting with that group as it would demean a symbol of this island.

Apparently back in May 2002 however this was a possibility as evidenced by the below WIRE photo and accompanying text.

RIOC Tram Ad May 2002

I also discovered a May 2001 NYC Council Resolution where it was resolved that NO advertising be placed on the exterior or interior of the Tram cabins. To my understanding as Resolutions are not bills and do not transform into laws it appears that the City Council was trying to express its desire to the State Legislature. The below image only re-produces segments of the full resolution which is linked HERE. If any of our legally trained readers can add anything to the discussion as I found no subsequent NYS laws promulgating this position prohibiting such advertising.

NYC Resolution 1930

I will say that the thought of seeing a Citibank advertisement on the Tram makes me queasy but if it significantly reduced our commuting costs I guess I am as open to a healthy discussion.

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