Wednesday, September 5, 2007

NYC Run for Congo Women - Roosevelt Island 9/29

On September 29, 2007, Rosevelt Island will host the Run for Congo Women. The day will include a 5K run around the island as well as opportunities for the public to fully learn what is happening in the Congo. The run will commence at Firefighter's Field, head North to the Lighthouse, and then return South concluding at Southpoint Park. The day is sponsored by Women for Women International. Registration can be done online or at the event itself.

The focus of the event is to raise money, $1 million across several runs nationwide, and awareness of the atrocities continuing even today against women across the Congo. Even though the war has “subsided” women on both sides of the conflict are being physically and sexually abused to the point their bodies are being permanently scarred and the women rendered permanently incontinent and infertile. See “fistulas”. These women are usually shunned and cast out by their families due to no fault of their own but due to the shame of their loved ones. To read more go this website.

The run was to be followed by a showing of the soon to be aired PBS special titled “LUMO” which will premiere on POV on September 18, 2007. Lumo is the story of “a young woman’s struggle to heal in a nation beset by war”. Due to the timing of the run (830am registration) it appears that technically showing the film in daylight is not easily done. I wonder if the construction of a tent around three sides of the screen would allow the images to be seen? Either way the film has garnered numerous awards and recognition and should not be missed.

So for those island based runners who are going to be on the island anyway sign up, secure a bunch of your friends and family to sponsor you and make a pledge in support of a very worthy cause as well as to honor your participation. For those runners who have plans off island consider postponing them for this run. It should be a rewarding and enlightening day.

Update & Corrections:

Women for Women International is not sponsoring the event but all monies raised by the event are being contributed to the WfWI Congo Women's Fund. The event is being sponsored by local businesses, private donors and Crunch gym.

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