Monday, September 3, 2007

The Roosevelt Island Resident Association Blog – A New Blog on the Block

RIRA Communications Committee Chair Frank Farance apparently started a new blog, linked HERE, back in January but only now has started advertising its existence…and what a way to start. I learned of its existence from a poster on one of the bus shelters and on a couple of the poster kiosks.

The poster addresses an issue concerning a RIOC employee and parking privileges. It’s quite a confrontational poster and more direct than I expected from RIRA. The poster indicates it is the opinion of Frank Farance personally. I am not sure if that means he also personally paid for the posters or whether RIRA paid for them.

The below snag of the blog’s September 2, 2007 post heading duplicates the posters intent. The poster and the blog post feature a picture of the employee (a RIOC Public Safety official), a picture of his SUV, and a picture of the SUV's license plate.

I think the blog will be a great resource to both RIRA and the community. If all the posts address issues of concern this directly it should be quite an interesting read for those visiting the website.

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