Friday, September 21, 2007

Zog Sports Pushes RIOC regarding Conditions RI Soccer Fields

Apparently the folks at Zog Sports were unhappy with the field conditions at one or both of the Roosevelt Island soccer fields (Octagon and/or Firemans) and after discussing it with RIOC is bringing outside experts to assess the field(s) and make recommendations regarding their upgrade. An excerpt from yesterday’s entry on the Zog Blog:

During a phone call with the VP of Operations last week, ZogSports also offered to find an outside, certified field maintenance specialist to assess the field and determine what might be the cause of the condition of the fields. We were able to find a local expert and arranged a meeting and field assessment next Wednesday, September 26. Based on our conversations with the field specialist, he believes that removing the puddles is a possibility. Also, we have been working with Roosevelt Island regarding proposals for returfing the field with synthetic field turf in 2008. We hope to have more news for you shortly.”

More and more it appears local residential use of these fields will be a thing of the past. You have to wonder how much money does RIOC take in from these outside organizations and is it substantial enough to warrant the time these fields are not open to local use. It’s not like these folks hang around at local dining establishments afterwards pumping money into the larger RI economy. Can the new Italian restaurant snag their business? Wait if they do they’ll be no tables for us. Can’t win can we?

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