Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update re 9/21 Community Board 8 TV Broadcast re Hurricane Preparedness

According to Elizabeth McKee of Community Board 8 the broadcast is a videotape of the July 20, 2006 event that took place at the Church of Good Shepherd which was sponsored by CB8. The above image was of the flyer that advertised that event. for info regarding that event you can check out the Main Street Wire article that covered it and ran in the July 29, 2006 issue. To be honest that article covered a lot of ground ad is worth reading again. It also raised a lot of good questions as many of the residents that attended the 2006 seminar were not altogether satisfied with the OEM plan.
So if you felt attending that seminar was enough watching this broadcast may not be something for your agenda but if you missed attending that event perhaps this broadcast is something to put on your calendar.
If you cannot watch or videotape this re-broadcast you can also listen to an audiotape of the event at the Community Board 8 offices which are located at 505 Park Avenue, Suite 620, (East 59th Street). CB8 asks that those wanting to listen to the tapes call their offices before coming so that they can have the tape ready for you (212-758-4340).

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