Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A River View of Roosevelt Island

I have long wanted to find or film a video of the complete island from the water ever since I saw the Edison 1903 video which runs from North to South. Yesterday I finally got the chance. THis video runs from South to the North emd of the island. Due to the restrictions related to the current session of the United Nation's General Assembly session my video is of the island from the Eastern channel facing the Island. The side benefit of this was that I was able to include video of the Rooosevelt Island Bridge and its being opened for the boat I was on.

The downside to filming just before a Western sunset is when your subject is between you and the Sun that the video is plaqued by shadows. I will try to figure out how to lighten it but I have a feeling I will need to wait for another filming opportunity. If we were filiming in the West channel the Sun would have lit the island beautifully. Oh well. Hopefully you can enjoy the island silhouette and the music.

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