Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nighthawks Trailer Featuring The Tram

One of my earliest memories of Roosevelt Island is of The Tram as featured in the Sylvester Stallone movie "Nighthawks". I have nevr been able to find any movie still photographs fetauring the Tram in this feature of movie posters etc. I finally found a trailer that does show The Tram. I only wished it showed it with the doors open or the lift bucket open.

Unfortunately I cannot embed the clip on this blog but you can link to it HERE. This clip was found on a web page about Lyndsay Wagner who co-starred in the film as Stallones's girl friend.

When the trailer begins after the commercial (sorry) pay attention to how it is swinging. The bridge in the background looks real enough. I have to think the swinging Tram is a model or computer assisted in its swing and overlayed on the bridge video.

Per Wikipedia:

"Wulfgar and Shakka's next act is to hijack the Roosevelt Island Tram carrying U.N. representatives. Because he now knows DaSilva as a result of the nightclub chase he executes the wife of the French ambassador while DaSilva is watching from a hovering police helicopter. Wulfgar decides to let a baby onboard go and demands that DaSilva personally boards the tramway to rescue it. DaSilva is winched up to the aerial tram and confronts Wulfgar face-to-face. DaSilva demands to know why Wulfgar killed the woman. “I wanted to.” the sadist replies. DaSilva and the baby are lowered back down to a waiting barge."

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