Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Abandoned New York - The Renwick Ruin

Apparently a cable channel titled New York 2.0 Television launched its show “Abandoned New York” using the Renwick Ruins as its first topic. The episode was filmed prior to June 2007 as the Visitors Center kiosk is seen as still boarded up but in its current location.

The most interesting comment I have about the 7 minute plus segment is that the hosts and camera crew were given access behind the current fencing surrounding the ruin. They did not actually go inside the ruin from what I see but they did secure a number of interior camera shots. It’s reasonably well done, perhaps a tad cutesy, but worth watching if anything for the video they shot.

As an aside at the close they are standing on the last remnant of the Lurie Uniting Painting which was abandoned on the island after that project concluded. Did this inaugural episode of “Abandoned New York” make reference to the multi colored tarp beneath their feet? Nope not a peep.

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