Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Last Trolley Kiosk in Manhattan Unveiled

For the last year since the Tram came back on line I have looked each day upon the gated kiosk at the foot of the Queensborough Bridge wondering what this structure was and even after I knew its history I felt it was a shame that it sat not only behind bars but that the bars were blocked not allowing anyone to see it unless you looked at it from above.

So when I came over the Tram today and saw that the bars were now uncovered I knew I had to photograph it and videotape it. I have been commuting into Manhattan with my son since school began this year so this was the first opportunity I took notice of it being unveiled.

I don’t know why the City chose to uncover it and I intend to find out. Knowing Judy Berdy of the Historical Society I am guessing she already knows. Once I learn why I will report it here. So for those of you smart enough to not try running across traffic to see this last kiosk in Manhattan up close enjoy the video.

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