Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not just names but people who mattered...

The following are the names of those individuals lost on 9-11 with connections to Roosevelt Island. They include residents, an employee, a resident's relative, as well as firefighters who were based on Roosevelt Island – Ed Beyea, Anthony J. Fallone, Taimour Khan, Scott Larsen, and Kevin J. Smith –– Deputy Chief Ray Downey, Deputy Chief Charlie Kasper, Battalion Chief John Moran, and Battalion Chief John Paolillo.

Where I could find an article about that individual I have linked their name appropriately. If there was no specific article I linked to a picture. This linked WIRE article is of the May 2002 dedication and unveiling of the RIRA memorial tree and placque. Double click on the picture to enlarge it.

Again as I reported the other day there is a memorial planned for tonight at 7:00 pm behind the Church at the Memorial Tree.

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