Friday, September 7, 2007

NYC Puts Coler-Goldwater 2006 Data Online

The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation today released data regarding city hospitals for key indicators comparing its hospitals to state and nationwide averages. Among the hospitals reported on is Coler-Goldwater in the Nursing and Long Term Care section.

The areas reported on for Coler-Goldwater and comparable City facilities includes (1) Preventing Pressure Ulcers, (2) Pain Management, and (3) Preventing Falls. Click on these links for the full reports in each area.

On average Coler-Goldwater did better than the national average in all areas. The only area where Coler-Goldwater did worse was regarding Pain Management for the first half of 2006. This ratio is defined as the average percentage of short-stay nursing home residents who reported moderate pain daily or extreme pain at any frequency within 7 days of admission. Coler-Goldwater’s percentage for the period of January 2006 through June 2006 is reported as 26% versus the national average of 21%.

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