Friday, September 14, 2007

The RI Historical Walk – An Update


A few weeks ago I posted about the status of the RI Historical Walk sign posted just South of the Subway station. Since then I discussed the Walk with both Judy Berdy of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society and with Neil Tandon the creator of the Walk.

I believe from those conversations that there is a chance the Walk can be reborn. The RIHS is unsure whether they want to sponsor the Walk as previously posted, creating new and improved sign posts that will better withstand the elements (natural and those inflicted by man), or if they want to start from scratch.

I know when I spoke with Neil he was enthusiastic about the Walk being given new life but due to his own time constraints would not be able to devote significant time to this effort if at all. Neil did send me all of his images and instructions as to how the Walk was assembled so the source files could be used again.


The above picture if of the sole remaining sign found on the Northern part of the Island. This one is located just across from the Coler Hospital Campus on the Western Promenade heading North towards Lighthouse Park. The Lighthouse Park Historical Walk sign no longer exists and the only remnant is the metal sign (at top) indicating to the traveler that they are still on the Walk. I saw two of these. The first was just between Coler and the Octagon.

I have not yet visited the locations the Walk signs which were posted down by the Goldwater Hospital Campus on the East and West sides of the island to determine if those signs still exist.

If you are interested in participating in re-starting this project or interested in donating funds to this effort please feel free to drop me a line.


  1. When we moved to RI just three and a half years ago the majority of the signs of the RI walk were in good condition. I remember checking them all out to learn more about the landmarks. Only in recent times those signs deteriorated. I assume it was rather vandalism than time and weather.

  2. I think the best way to redo this is to have metal signs with numbers on them that correspond to walking tour maps that can be handed out at the kiosk during business hours, and perhaps have some handy near the tram and subway stations as well (although litter might be a problem if the latter is done). That way the signs will last, and the handouts can be updated as needed.