Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Red Bus Video: From the Octagon South

A while back I began videotaping various aspects of life here on Roosevelt Island and for some reason one of the more popular topics has been the Red Bus. I can only surmise is that it provides the viewer a quick view of the island and at a quarter per trip it is seen as a bargain which “mainlanders” can’t believe. The above video was taken about two weeks ago and is of a bus ride from the Octagon South to the Church of Good Shepherd Plaza.

The video is hot facing the Western side of Main Street for the most part with a few quick shots looking East capturing views of the FDNY Special Operations Command, the Gristedes when the bus turned left into the circular pick up drive.

I thought about traveling further South to make it a complete trip down to the Tram but at four minutes the video is long enough and I have captured those views in earlier videos.

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