Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2007 Open House New York Tour: Exterior of Smallpox Hospital Only

It has been reported (or inferred) on at least two websites, NewYorkology (09/04/2007) and on the New Yorker (09/24/2007) that the October 6-7, 2007 Open House New York Weekend Tour would include an interior tour of the Renwick Ruin, the former smallpox hospital located within Roosevelt Island's Southpoint Park. I had left comments on NewYorkology expressing my disbelief with this possibility due to the nature of the ruins. Amy resonded quickly and indicated she would confirm this with OHNY.

P8040128-Renwick-bToday I received the following response from Erica Wilder, the Community Liaison, from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation ("RIOC"), in response to my query if such access is allowed or even possible:

"You're absolutely right. Considering that the Renwick ruins is dangerously unstable, all tours of the ruins are strictly views of the exterior structure from the outer perimeters of the gate which surrounds the ruins."

So hopefully all those individuals looking to pay OHNY for such access know before they get to Roosevelt Island you will not be given access other than from outside the gates. Believe me if access was allowed you'd have a line of residents who have been wanting a peek inside for years.

If you do come to the island that weekend I believe OHNY is also marketing the tour to include access to The Encampment which looks like it will be an amazing project to see and witness.

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  1. Thanks for the info. OHNy finally confirmed as well: