Friday, September 7, 2007

In The Papers: The Wire - Sept. 8, 2007

The September 8, 2007 issue of the Main Street Wire is available on line for those looking to begin their weekend early. The top headlines include:

(1) RIRA Sets February “Plebiscite” To Propose Nominees for RIOC”
(2) Oklahoma City Survivors Will Join Islanders at Tuesday’s 9/11 Ceremony
(3) Six Merchants Get New Leases in “First Step”

Inside the Wire you will see a letter to the editor (page 3) from RIRA Communications Chair Frank Farance continuing his crusade to force the PSD to obey its own rules. A picture of that wheelchair bicycle I reported on Aug 3rd this summer is on page 8. Various articles recall 9/11 with pictures and memories including a picture of the Wire issue that first covered the tragedy. Orphans International advertises, on page 9, it’s 9/15 benefit Concert set for 7pm at the Manhattan Park Theatre. Page 16 offers a combination ad / announcement from Island Cats regarding their upcoming 9/15 adoption event.

As normal expect to see your free issue of the Main Street Wire delivered to your apartment door handle or mailbox this weekend.

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