Sunday, September 2, 2007

Welfare Island Car 601 Where Are You?


One of the very last working trolley cars in New York City was Car 601 which serviced Roosevelt Island, then Welfare Island, as part of Local service across the Queensborough Bridge. The above photo is of Car 601 when it was in service. The trolley cars ran along what is now the pedestrian walkway across the bridge.

qb31_bridge shot

Photos of Car 601 and other cars that serviced Welfare Island can be found on Dave’s Railway Pics. The above photo is from the Ed Havens Collection.

Car 601 - bill brandt

Today the car sits at the Trolley Museum in Kingston, New York. The picture of Car 603 in its glory is by Bill Brandt. Today Car 601 is definitely showing years of neglect from sitting outside with no maintenance.

Car 601 - railroad dot net

This photo was by Frank and posted on It will forever be tied to the history of this island. Now we know where you are. Thanks 601.

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