Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sign Up Now for May 16th Health & Fitness Day Tournaments

Hey are you interested in a joining a Basketball tournament or is Ping Pong more your style? Roosevelt Island's 3rd Annual Health & Fitness Day to be held on May 16th will haveboth but the deadline to sign up for eiother tournament is Friday, May 8th. So go sign up now !

Subway Platform & Train Snapshots - Differences of Opinion?

The above and below pictures are snapshots of the Roosevelt Island subway platform (Manhattan and Brooklyn bound) as we got off the steps this morning at 8:07 am. Like most of my experiences at this time the platform has not been overly crowded and the same has gone for the trains.

There is currently a vast difference of opinion between residents and the students from Columbia who are now concluding a study of transportation issues affecting Roosevelt Island. The students spent time on the Manhattan platform and documented their findings via photo snapshots and data collected through at least one sample morning before, during, and following that day's heaviest rush hour period. [Update: If the data was collected from multiple dates I missed that in their verbal and slide show presentation].

The Columbia findings, to my understanding, concluded pretty much that there is excess capacity and that the trains coming in from Queens can handle the number of residents without issue. They also examined alternative train routes and configurations and determined that a greater number of Queens residents would be displaced with the goal of helping a few Roosevelt Island residents and concluded that changing the train routes would be not accepted by the MTA.

The residents who attended the public presentation two weeks ago strongly disagreed. My own experience is that the problems occur during the 815am to 900am period as the trains are either full coming into Roosevelt Island or riders don't move from the doors making it difficult to enter trains.

Frank Farance, President of RIRA, continues to argue that the study had flaws to which the Columbia students reply look at our proof look at our photos. I can"t argue with the photos in question but I must conclude that the day in question must have been an anomaly as my experience, mirrors my neighbors, that during the peak times there is problem. And during the period just prior to the peak, as I have photographed, the situation is closer to what the Columbia students claim.

The key is I believe that any study may need an increased number of test mornings and also must take into account the residents own experience by perhaps selecting 200 residents who will record their experiences over say a one month period. The record should include the time they enter the station each morning with additional notes regarding wait time, platform positioning etc.

I will not attempt to review the full Columbia study here as I am focusing on the morning subway rush but I do feel that once the students saw their own test results they perhaps did not test on multiple dates ( I may be wring on this one) nor did they get a broad swath of the community involved who live this issue every day.

I do want to thank each of the students for their time and effort as the overall presentation did show that a lot of work went into their studio for each of the segments of our transportatioin issues they adressed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Parkour View of Roosevelt Island

The above video is a Parkour practitioner's view and includes mashed up images of both Roosevelt Island and NYC's Central Park. For someone not used to quick camera work this video might be a bit strange to get used to but is quite interesting. I recognize shot outside Rivercross, behind Westview, along Island House among others. The last minute or so is a bit of out takes and just walking around.

As I have stated in past posts about Parkour, the actions taken would not be sanctioned by PSD and this video is not disagreeing that many of the moves seen could be dangerous.

Direct YouTube Link by Shadowgodny

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RIOC Photos re Tram Evacuation Drills

The following photos are courtesy of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation and were taken during this past Sunday's Tram Rescue and Evacuation Drills. This will likely be the last drills with the current tram cabins and system. I thank RIOC for sharing them. According to Steve Shane and Denise Lynch there were no civilian participants in Sunday's drills.

Monday, April 27, 2009

May 3 - Expect Five Boro Bike Tour Related Delays at Roosevelt Island Bridge

As it does every year the Five Boro Bike Tour course includes Vernon Blvd so as the bikes ride across 36th Avenue we should expect delays for drivers and buses looking to cross onto and off the Roosevelt Island Bridge. As in the past I am sure the NYPD will have cruisers nearby to ensure residents and visitors get to occasionally cross Vernon Blvd but remember they are there primarily to protect the cyclists and ensure the Tour continues without incident.

Is Roosevelt Island, Improv Everywhere's Next Target?

The great thing about local niche bloggers is we like to learn what is going on and scheduled for our neighborhoods and to then let our neighbors know all about it. The bad thing is a concern regarding ruining a great surprise or a good thing. Improv Everywhere has indicated on their site that they plan an Mp3 event on May 23rd at 4pm on Roosevelt Island. Hence my dilemna.

What's an Improv Anywhere Mp3 experiment you ask? Let's just say it's a lot of people (a lot) wearing headphones and doing what the voice them to do. And watch out if you are in the area they are told to be in. Link here.

Knowing that the Roosevelt Islander and I both love writing about such events I am hoping we don't ruin the fun. Even Frank Farance of RIRA even knows about the event and has posted a comment on the Improv Everywhere blog itself about his interest. Although Frank wants to make sure they get the right permits so PSD doesn't try to disrupt the impromptu gathering that I believe is the whole point of the exercise.

So read this blog post, then forget about about it, but watch for the fun that day. Can you do that?

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Changing of the Banner Size Rental Apartment Ads....

I will admit I did not notice that two weeks ago the Manhattan Park ads that adorned the Manhattan Tram Station were removed. But I certainly noticed the Riverwalk ads go up. The ads facing Second Ave and incoming bridge traffic moved from the balcony level down to street level and you can't help but see the ads as you walk by.

Upon inquiring whether we should expect to see additional ads (thinking now both Manhattan Park and the Riverwalk ads) were permament features of the structure I asked Steve Shane, President of RIOC, about future plans for the station and concerns re overcommercializing the space. He stated:

The instant ad banner is temporary and will be taken down when the Tram closes July 6. You may remember that there were Manhattan Park banners on the station for the last several years which were only removed 2 weeks ago. It is to everyone's benefit to promote the success of Riverwalk. Overcommercializing the space will not occur. See billboards and other display ads on the surrounding buildings.

We are working on the design of the new Tram station which will not have the same dreary presentation as the present terminal. Be patient.

Stephen H. Shane
President & CEO
Roosevelt Island Operating

So while we will miss the Tram station this Summer I am betting I am not alone in not missing these new signs.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Follow-Up: RIOC's Recycling Compliance

As I reported last Friday, State Comptroller DiNapoli’s office issued a report regarding its audit of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation and its compliance with the State's recycling requirements.

Empire State News, summarized the reports findings: "[RIOC] was generally in compliance with these requirements. However, because the corporation had yet to begin compiling data on certain recycling activities, auditors found it was unlikely the corporation would be able to comply with certain new reporting requirements." That summarization may have been inaccurate.

I received the following statement today from Sylvia Giralde, RIOC’s Compliance Officer stating that:

“we [RIOC] are still awaiting reporting requirements from the Interagency Committee on Sustainability and Green Procurement, which was established to set forth such requirements.”

My earlier post characterized RIOC’s compliance as lacking per the blog post title. Ms. Giralde’s statement makes it clear that RIOC is still awaiting additional reporting requirements and that before such requirements are communicated to RIOC it would be unfair to characterize its compliance or ability to be in compliance.

My apologies to Ms. Giralde for not requesting, prior to my earlier post, for her feedback to the State report and to the Empire State News summary of the report

New Tram Design Images - Stylish !

Each of the below renderings of proposed Roosevelt Island Tram cabins is quite stylish. Call me nostalgic but I hope the final design simply states "Roosevelt Island" on the cabin sides for a greater connection to the current cabins. According to Steve Shane the design is not yet complete and may come to that design. Let him know if you agree.

The New Destination for Detroit's TV Car Commercials?

Will this video be enough to convince ailing General Motors to film future car commercials on Roosevelt Island? It is unlikely but the owner of this Charger RT had some fun on a bright Saturday morning showing off his wheels.

Direct YouTube link by CiscoNY718

Morning Roosevelt Island Links

C’Mon and Take a Free Ride (Tram Surfing) – Taking Shots

Shift Change – NYC Taxi Photo

Marriage of Real Estate and Money – Daily Photo Stream

Queensboro Bridge – Family Adventures

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Your Advice for DC's Roosevelt Island ?

In an article posted yesterday on DC Metrocentric, writer Chris Loos posted the question whether their Roosevelt Island, currently federal park land, should be developed for residential housing? I am curious what readers of this blog have to offer as advice?

My personal opinion is that they should not give up the park space as it now stands. The pictures I have seen on Flickr show it to be a rare treasure in a City where most open land has XYZ national monuments etc. Except for the Teddy Roosevelt monument my understanding the space is baically untouched and accessible to the public.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trip / Distance Websites Don't Always Apply Here

Update: After playing a bit with the site described below it is not so far off to be unreasonable but still generally these things don't work from Roosevelt Island.


It's unfair to be from Roosevelt Island and to hope that new transportation calculation websites like "TripTrop NYC" will actually apply and work for us. Unfair to us and to the web site being reviewed.

According to the site's creator (via Gothamist) "you put in an address in New York and it overlays a map of how long it takes to get anywhere else in the city via subway and walking,"

If only it was true with regards to our little island. The time zones shown for Zip Code 10044 seem wonderful but in reality it just can't be. I seem to recall the same issues when reviewing a walking distance website some time back.

Monday, April 20, 2009

360 Degree View from Southtown Dock

The below image is by Orangeadnan from Flickr. To see the full size 360 image video, shot from Roosevelt Island, the below image is based on link HERE. By the way I love how in the image it almost has a sun dial feel to it where you see Adnan's images appear like hands on a clock.

FYI, it is this dock (NYT image directly above) which should be upgraded to handle ferry traffic from Roosevelt Island as it has the size and proximity to the central subway / tram transportation hub that exists for the island.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Octagon Dock – Winter – 360º View

The above video was found on YouTube (by DIEGoMOL80) and is a 360º view shot from the "Octagon" dock across from the DaySpring Church here on Roosevelt Island. The video starts with a view of the East River (West Channel) and Manhattan. It's a bit clunky and quick but does what the videographer wanted to capture the moment.

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Artistic Banners Highlight Island Landmarks

You may recall the images on the new banners posted around Roosevelt Island from a showcase earlier this year of the original artwork in the Rivercross Window Case (see earlier Nov. 6th post). They include images of the Tram, the Lighthouse, Good Shepherd Community Center, among others.

What you may not know is the artist's name Tony Vita. He was profiled in the Main Street WIRE some years back and you probably have walked by him on Main Street or sat by him at Trellis.

New Local Guide - Hot & Cool - 4/21 Launch Party at Trellis

The Hot & Cool Guide is coming to Roosevelt Island, and it is starting off with a launch party this coming Tuesdaday at Trellis from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The folks at Hot & Cool will be giving away free copies of the guide to those that attend.

For more info contact A sample page from the guide includes the below map. All information in the guides is to be divided into four categories: Dinig & Drinks, Living Well, Art and points of Interest and Local Resources.

A Bar We All Know...But Do We ?

Most Roosevelt Island residents are familiar with the sight / site of The Blue Room Bar & Grill at the North East corner of Second Avenue and East 60th Street but how many of us have ever gone in there?

We see it every morning and every evening if you face uptown as the Tram makes it way to and from the island. Its semi-distinctive neon lights and Atomic Wings sign are landmarks to our eyes but again how many of us have crossed their doorway?

A blog post on Eater does just that. Feel free to link through and then perhaps visit for the first time.

RIOC Audited for Recycling Compliance: Passes but Reporting Lacking

According to a report issued by State Comptroller DiNapoli , the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation was audited for compliance with the State's recycling requirements. According to Empire State News, RIOC "was generally in compliance with these requirements. However, because the corporation had yet to begin compiling data on certain recycling activities, auditors found it was unlikely the corporation would be able to comply with certain new reporting requirements."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Will President Obama Visit Roosevelt Island for a FDR Park Dedication?

According to a New York Social Diary posting, President Obama will be invited to a dedication of the FDR Four Freedoms Park which organizers hope to be schedule for the week of the 2009 United Nations General Assembly. The Social Diary post focused, in part, on a reception last month in Philadelphia honoring the planned memorial and Kahn titled “Louis I. Kahn: The Making of a Room”.

If this does happen, security will be amazingly tight on our little island and you can bet we’ll be in partial lockdown mode. I disagree with parts of the park’s design but it would be an honor for the President to visit the island. My bet is that residents would be squeezed out attending the event. Despite this blog being a pseudo member of our local press I have no illusions of receiving an invite but they sure as hell better invite Dick Lutz of the Main Street WIRE and Judy Berdy from the Historical Society.

NYC HS Basketball Stars Visit Goldwater; Play to Benefit Wheelchair Charities

Great story over at Five Boro Sports about NYC high school students who visited Goldwater Hospital, here on Roosevelt Island, in conjunction with their playing at the annual charity game benefiting Wheel Chair Charities and Goldwater's patients.

WIRE Bulletin: Columbia Students to Present Transportation Study 7:30 pm Tonight at Good Shepherd

Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 4:09

Graduate students of Columbia University will brief Roosevelt Islanders on their study of the Island's transportation this Thursday night (April 16) at 7:30 in the Good Shepherd Community Center.

A limited number of residents who have had a preview call the students' work comprehensive and imaginative. It is strongly visualized and packed with facts about traffic, ridership, subway capabilities, destination data, and much more.

Led by Dr. Floyd Lapp, an adjunct professor of planning, the students considered a wide variety of transportation options and alternatives for the Island. A preview of their presentation indicates that the study has addressed issues like reconfiguration of Main Street traffic and the possibility of mixed use of the "channel" between Main Street buildings, pedestrian access to the Queensboro Bridge, a reworking of street-parking and Motorgate rates to free up Main Street parking, a long-term program of gradually discouraging use of cars, reduction of Main Street traffic signage, and measures to eliminate the bunching of red buses that leaves extended periods without service at rush hour.

The presentation will begin at 7:30 in the Good Shepherd Community Center, Thursday night at 7:30.

Bridge Update: First Night Closed Without Incident

From Steve Shane (RIOC President): "The bridge was closed to traffic as scheduled at 12:30AM April 16 and reopened to traffic at 4:40 AM. Note that Pedestrians were allowed to cross the bridge at 3:45 AM. Emergency services (NYPD, NYFD and EMS) units were all on station and the Tram and Red Bus ran throughout the night during the closure. There were no reported incidents.

The next bridge closure is scheduled for April 17 from 12:30 AM to 5:30 AM, weather permitting. "

Less Rush Hour F Trains? Here's Why....

Updated at 10:30 am for paragraphs 3,4, and 5:
If any residents of Roosevelt Island have noticed less frequent F Trains during the morning rush hours, resulting in more crowded trains as they do arrive, you are not imagining things. The MTA has announced just that "less frequent trains during....rush hours".

For a stations like Roosevelt Island that is the last stop before entering Manhattan proper that is like a kiss of death or at least a guarantee of greater heartache and delays. And did I mention this is to run through DECEMBER 31, 2009.

According to a story posted yesterday by amNew York:
The MTA is replacing an 800-feet stretch of track between Queens’ Roosevelt Avenue and Forest Hills-71st Avenue stations as part of ongoing subway maintenance, said NYC Transit spokeswoman Deirdre Parker.

The work is being done on the weekends, but trains must constantly travel at slower speeds because they are running over temporary track, she explained.

Ben Kabak over at Second Avenue Sagas further explained in his post yesterday that because the trains are running over the temporary track they still must, during rush hours, run at slower speeds.

We can certainly appreciate the need for track improvements. We have had less weekend service disruptions this year and while we have been promised that during the Tram outage the MTA would be considerate of our unique transportation needs this is still going to hurt a lot.

For the record this service change is NOT listed anywhere on the MTA webpage that lists such service changes for today's date.


Note, the above photo is my own and I have not altered the MTA's poster in any way. I believe my posting this image is not violating any rule or copyright as it is being posted here to expand the rider base that is aware of these service changes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update re Shots Fired (on 4/14) Outside 2-4 River Road

The following info updates what is known about yesterday morning's gunfire incident at 2-4 River Road.

In short the individual apprehended claims he was set up and in self defense he wrestled the gun away from his assailant.

------Original Message------
From: Steve Shane
To: Roosevelt Island 360
To: Roosevelt Islander
To: Dick Lutz / The Main Street WIRE
Sent: Apr 15, 2009 11:17 AM
Subject: Shots Fired

Be advised that the apprehended person who fired the shots on Monday night/Tuesday morning has been released by NYPD. He established to their satisfaction that he was the victim of a setup/mugging from a location off Island and that he wrestled the weapon away from the other person involved in self defense, during which struggle the shots were fired and the window shattered.

Another example of why we all should not jump to conclusions.

Stephen H. Shane
President & CEO
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp.

Was the Bridge Open or Closed Last Night ?

Due to rain last night's scheduled closure was put off. We should expect the scheduled closure to be in effect unless notified otherwise. [via Denise Lynch of RIOC].

Original Posting:
I sent an inquiry regarding last night's planned bridge closure to Roosevelt Island PSD Director Keith Guerra to learn if the preparations all worked out as planned but have not heard back from his office yet.

According to a post on NYC the closure may have been delayed a day. RIOC's Steve Shane had indicated in prior emails that the rain may cause delays hence all the extra days of scheduling.

Berlin on Roosevelt Island ?

4/16 - 12:30 pm Updated for Last Paragraph:

Back on April 6th, I reported that according to a post on Curbed that some sort of Spacebubble will be making a stop on Roosevelt Island but no information existed as to what event the bubble would be associated with. It appears now that according to The Pop Up City the possible appearnace of a bubble would be part of an expo titled

Spacebusters’ (April 16-27), which deals with the work of German studio’s Raumlabor and Plastique Fantastique. The exposition called ‘Berlin in NYC’ starts with ten consecutive evenings of events in an inflatable pavilion in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Roosevelt Island.

After dropping into the Roosevelt Island Visual Arts Association (RIVAA) on my way home I confirmed with the folks in the gallery that RIVAA is indeed involved with bringing the bubble to Roosevelt Island. The date is either 4/18 or 4/19 and they were not sure what works were to be exhibited in the bubble. They also confirmed, to their understanding, that the bubble would be set up on the Rivercross Lawn across the street from Blackwell House.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4:30am Gunfire Outside 2-4 River Road

------Original Message------
From: Steve Shane
To: Roosevelt Island 360
To: Roosevelt Islander
To: Dick Lutz / The Main Street WIRE
Sent: Apr 14, 2009 12:58 PM
Subject: FYI:


At approximately 4:30 AM on the morning of April 14, 2009, NYPD responded to a 911 call of shots fired at 2-4 River Road. The security guard placed the call.
There apparently had been 2 men arguing outside, one pulled a gun and fired 2 shots, one of which shattered the lobby door window.
NYPD apprehended the shooter and recovered the weapon. The other person involved fled the scene and remains at large.
There were no injuries.
Public Safety responded and assisted NYPD at the scene.

Stephen H. Shane
President & CEO
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp.


Based on the above e-mail it is unknown as to what sparked the incident and until the police or PSD offers additional information it is all we will know.

During the last week I also received an email from PSD Director Keith Guerra regarding a separate incident that PSD responded to, that according to Director Guerra, is believed to have been a gang initiation hazing that took place within a building lobby here on the island and involved several youths that live here on the island.

Director Guerra has asked that residents report to his office any suspicious activity in this regard. While I have not seen evidence of this event I obviously agree with Director Guerra that residents should report any suspicious activity to the PSD or the NYPD and let these offices investigate accordingly.

NYT: Video re Renwick Ruin Stabilization

This morning's NY Times , online, includes an article and video about the restoration of the Renwick Ruin, the former smallpox hospital here on Roosevelt Island.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Official: A New Bar for Island !

It's official, as reported earlier by the Roosevelt Islander a new bar is coming to Roosevelt Island. To be located in the 425 Main Street building in the space behind Duane Reade facing into the Riverwalk Commons.

In light of the post immediately preceding this one regarding the dog poop bag station, and the fact that the lightpost the bags are attached to are right outside the new bar's location, I can't help but hope that if a drunken patron does exit the bar that they have the courtesy to use the bags for themselves if they feel they are getting sick.

Roosevelt Island: Land WITH Dogs and Their Poop

My how times have changed on Roosevelt Island. Just a few short years ago dogs were close to outlawed as parodied in the below movie but now pooches are almost encouraged based on the presence of conveniences like the above dog poop bag dispenser, pictured here at Southtown's Riverwalk Commons. This is the only poop bag dispenser I have seen anywhere on the island so this may be just a Riverwalk thing.

See the next post regarding an alternative use for the waste bags in light of the dispenser's location.

Dogs Movie Still

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Safety Issue at Grandpa Al Lewis Playground ?

Apparently something may have happened to the playground apparatus at Grandpa Al Lewis Playground here on Roosevelt Island to cause the unit to be partially taped off.

I have written Michael Smith, RIOC's Parks and Recreation Manager for details and will post them once I hear back from his office.

In the meantime I'd advise that if your kids frequent this park that they do so with adult supervision as I know my own kids would not let a little tape stop them from climbing on through this segment of the apparatus.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Passover Provided to Patients on Welfare Island (1935)

Passover - Welfare Island - NYT - 1935 April 17

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

RI Bridge Closure 4/15-17 & 4/21-22: Emergency Preparedness

Double Click Image to Enlarge.

Times affected 12:30 am to 5:30 am

------Original Message------

From: Steve Shane

To: Roosevelt Island 360
To: Roosevelt Islander
To: Dick Lutz / The Main Street WIRE
Cc: Fernando Martinez
Cc: Keith Guerra
Cc: Tom Turcic

Sent: Apr 7, 2009 5:26 PM

Subject: Bridge Closure

You have all received a copy of the DOT Notice of Bridge Closure.

1. It is absolutely necessary.

2. The Fire Department will station an engine (pumper) and a ladder truck on the Island during the outage to respond to any emergencies. In addition, there will be a fireboat available to deliver additional personnel if a big emergency occurs. An engine company (with 5 firemen) will be at the Vernon Ave. end of the Bridge to provide additional bodies as needed.

3. The Fire Dept. (EMS) will station an ambulance on the Island and an ambulance at the Vernon Ave end of the bridge. In the event of a medical emergency, the victim will be treated and taken to the RI end of the bridge and conveyed on a gurney to the other side where the other ambulance will be waiting to transport. In addition to the 4 EMS persons, there will be the 5 firemen there to assist. If the bridge is completely impassable (one of the procedures will require it to be 6'-8' above the connecting streets), then transport will have to be by Tram to a waiting ambulance on Manhattan side.

4. RIOC will run the Tram all night on 1/2 hour intervals (except in emergency) with the Red bus to match up. The Subway (F Train) should be available.

5.Only 2 nights are needed, and if the weather permits, the later nights will not be required. Steelworkers union contract and OSHA rules do not permit workers on exposed iron surfaces at heights when it is raining.

6. NYPD is also likely to station a squad car on the Island to assist.

We have coordinated all of this with NYPD, NYFD, EMS, DOT, HHC, etc. A necessary evil, but we should get through it. Please try to quell the hysterics.

Stephen H. Shane
President & CEO
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp.

Could PSD's Next Puchase be a P.U.M.A.?

Many Roosevelt Island residents have seen officers of our local Public Safety Department drive by on their Segways but now that G.M. and Segway have unveiled the P.U.M.A. how long will it be before we see a couple of these cats on Main Street? Granted the unit pictured is only a prototype but according to the article it can practically drive itself.

P.U.M.A. stands for Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility

P.U.M.A. Picture via Gothamist modified for RIOC Logo

Abstract Exploration of Island Ruin

The above YouTube video by ChristosNYC is of a former hospital on Roosevelt Island which I must assume is the former smallpox hospital but which could be of another ruin since demoslished as noted below.

Currently the access to the ruin is under tighter restrictions due to injuries sustained by two RIOC PSD officers who were chasing unauthorized intruders. In other words do not attempt to dupliacte the images on this video.

Per the videographer:

"abstract exploration of now demolished ruin of abandoned Victorian style hospital on Roosevelt Island in New York City's East River. Shot as part of Graduate Film program work in the early 1990s. "

Monday, April 6, 2009

Curbed: Giant Bubble Coming to Unknown Island Event

According to a post on Curbed this afternoon the above Spacebubble will making a stop on Roosevelt Island but no indication what event it will envelope? Roosevelt Live at Riverwalk Commons? Southpoint Park?

I hope this thing can handle many kids bouncing on it at once or they will have a security perimeter as I know my son at a minimum will want to give it a good kick. So do I for that matter.

The Grass is Greener on Roosevelt Island !

Our friends up at the Octagon, blogging as "retro info!" took a trip up to the Upper East Side's Carl Schurz Park this weekend to see how their slice of heaven looked from the other side of the East River and guess what ...their conclusion is the grass is greener on our side of the fence (validating their choice to live at the Octagon). Head over to see more pictures.

7:54am F Train from Roosevelt Island (Mon Apr 6)

Perhaps this is a bad week for a test of how crowded the subway arriving from Queens into Roosevelt Island is but for the next few days I will try to get to the platform before 8am and take a picture once we enter the Manhattan bound train.

While I do believe the transportation infrastructure needs to be strengthened and increased, I am also of the belief that as long as island residents leave at a reasonable time they do not have to encounter the packed trains from Queens that arrive starting at and after 815am and continue through 845am.

Again this week may not be a good test, it is a holy week for many and schools are off starting Thursday. So be it. Again the above picture shows one family's experience at 7:54am after getting onto a Manhattan / Brooklyn bound F Train from Roosevelt Island.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Resident Profile: Hiromi Asai, Kimono Dresser & Instructor

Yesterday's New York Times included a great article about resident Hiromi Asai who is a certified Kimono dressing instructor and works from her Southtown Roosevelt Island apartment.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Access RI - Community Presentation Tomorrow (2nd Showing)

Link to AccessRI website

The second AccessRI community review meeting, is tomorrow 4/4, if you missed the earlier presentation and will be held at the Roosevelt Island Senior Center on Main Street, located accross the street from Trellis.

Poor Rich Kids Using RI as Dating "Sure Thing"?

Warning: Perhaps Not Totally Family Friendly

According to the blog “Poor Rich Kids” bringing your date to Roosevelt Island is almost a sure thing. It’s cheap, romantic and according to the blog post. In the blog’s own word the reasons to come include:

“Why: Although its just a stones throw away from Manhattan, no one ever goes there. Filled with a rich history of prisons, psych wards, and syphilis containment centers the old hospital buildings are something between a tour of scottish castles and a good ol’ scary movie–either way, a total panty-dropper.”
Somehow this was all a bit much but was amusing to read. Obviously this is not an image we want Roosevelt Island to be known for. While the views, promenades, and sites to be seen via the tram (read their article) are romantic it is amusing that the now not so rich are using our fair isle because they can't afford anything ritzier. I feel so cheap don't you?

Update: Wheelchair Access from Platform into Subway

The MTA's capital project to raise a portion of the Roosevelt Island subway platform , at the center of each platform, to allow wheelchairs to easily enter subway cars is progressing and as per the above picture indicates it may be ahead ahead of schedule.

You may recall from my earlier post on March 12, that the platforms in some areas are about a 1/2 inch too low making it difficult for mnay wheelchair bound residentst to simply roll into the subway cars requiring them to ask nearby individuals to push and even lift their chairs in some instances.

According to Deidre Parker, an MTA Spokesperson, the project, on both Queens and manhattan Bound platforms is scheduled to be complete by April 30, 2009.

------Original Message------
From: Deirdre Parker (MTA Spokesperson)
To: Roosevelt Island 360
Sent: Mar 31, 2009 11:55 AM
Subject: RE: Platform Construction

The centers of both platforms are covered with plywood. This plywood is painted safety yellow which allows customers to notice the unevenness of the platform. This is the area of the platform where Station Maintenance will be installing the recently approved new ADA Tiles for the ADA boarding area. This work is only done on weekends and is scheduled to be completed by April 30, 2009.