Thursday, September 20, 2007

Manhattan Park's Park: 360 Degree View

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Just across Main Street from Gristedes and Motorgate lies the Manhattan Park residential complex. These buildings, as well as 2-4 River Road, are actually the only residences that don't have a Main Street address. River Road is more akin to a very large circular driveway that the buildings share, as it is only one way, but it is a legal road on the books of New York City.

In the Spring and Summer the park bounded by River Road and Main Street provides a great green area for individuals to just hang out and enjoy the breeze and abundant shade. The trees at this time also afford for some of the lower apartments a break from the direct views of Motorgate.

The park's center has views of Manhattan between 20 and 30 River Road and is lined up approximately East 74th Street.

Manhattan Park - Resized

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