Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tram Views: Manhatan Dog Run or Roller Coaster

Dog Run Tram Angle

Every day when I come over to Manhattan via the Tram I see a dog run below and just North of the 59th Street Bridge on the Manhattan side of the East River. I have been told that the lower part of the structure was once used as some sort of loading point for garbage being sent off Manhattan via barge. All I know is the upper part of the structure looks like something that escaped from a roller coaster park. The park’s formal name is the “East River Park Dance Oval” per the NYC Parks Department website.

Dog Run River View

Anyhow whenever my kids look down and see this park they want to visit it and play with the dogs. I am guessing you can’t enter the park without a dog and this is what I tell them but I also have always shared their curiosity. This video gives me enough of a feel for the park to quench that interest. It does appear to have some nice views of Roosevelt Island though which is part of what drew me to the video.

Direct YouTube Link by gothamsyren


  1. if you look on old maps it is labeled 'HELIPORT.' it looks like the chopper would balance a ski on the top of the staircase, and you'd toddle off.

    STUPID idea. it was closed in 97 after a fatal crash.

  2. Only have of the park is the dog park. You can of course, enter without a dog, but -be advised - the dogs are there to play and run, they often knock into people who may be standing around and I have seen them bowl little children right over! However, if your children want to just go and watch the pups, that would be fine.

  3. Sorry - meant to say "only HALF the park is the dog park"

  4. If only half is a dog park, what is the other half?