Sunday, October 14, 2007

Riverwalk Playground Gate Latch Fixed


The above photo of the Riverwalk Playground gate was taken yesterday showing a brand new latch on the exterior of the gate entrance. The photo below was taken on September 14th showing a broken lock which I shot and published here on September 15th. I thank RIOC for replacing the broken lock. I am unsure when this new lock was installed as I have not been at this park in the last two weeks.

p9140432_toddler gate_w graphic

The folks at the Octagon should take a lesson here in replacing a latch fully rather than the history of the latch replacement up there where cheap fixes included soldering new over old.

I am not claiming this blog caused the Riverwalk lock to be fixed but I do promise to keep a watch out to see if this lock lasts. I will admit I liked the last design as it included a gate toping mechanism which many of the smaller kids could not reach or manipulate. I recall being a kid and getting this latch type to open when my mom was not looking. But it’s a working latch so I should not complain anymore (for now).

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