Friday, October 26, 2007

City Leaders Meet to Push FDR Memorial on Roosevelt Island

FDR Memorial - NY1 Video Link

Both the NY Sun and Curbed are running stories this morning about a planned meeting of City leaders who want to jump start the building of the memorial to FDR.

As per the NY Sun:
The city leaders set to attend the event include Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney; City Council Speaker Christine Quinn; City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin; New York State Assembly member Micah Kellner, and the president of Manhattan, Scott Stringer.

Curbed is having some fun with this suggesting that the tents from The Encampment shoudl have left up and renamed after FDR. Curbed does point out that this project to the public's eye has started and stopped and never has taken on the momentum of a project that appears headed for completion.

Update 1:
The Roosevelt Islander post on this topic this afternoon adds a lot of detail from prior news pieces in one place and his blog post title adds his own opinion whether the memorial is one for FDR or the architect Louis Kahn who designed the planned memorial.

Update 2:
The New York Times City Room page has a detailed article on the meeting and the history of the planned memorial. The comments are interesting to read and support the Roosevelt Islander's opinion that for many this is a memorial to Kahn not FDR.

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  1. just what the island needs - more stalinist architecture. i for one hope this uninspired mausoleum NEVER gets built.