Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Using Trams as On-Line Logos & Website Banners

I was surfing the various transit blogs out there when I happened upon a blog titled “Live from the Third Rail”. What made this blog interesting to me was that it featured the Tram in its web banner.

Now a website featuring the Tram is not so unusual, many Roosevelt Island based blogs do, including the Roosevelt Islander, as pictured in the above slideshow. What made this blog more interesting was the juxtaposition of its title and the Tram. To my knowledge all trams, including ours, are pulled by cables in one direction or another. No third rail powers them. I have an inquiry into one of the contacts listed on the Third Rail blog as I am quite curious how this came to be.

The sites pictured in the above slide show include RIOC, the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, Island Cats, the Roosevelt Islander, Landmark the Tram, and the website of Carolyn Maloney, Member of Congress, United States House of Representatives for the 14th District. I also threw in a picture of the awning from the Tramway Diner. If anyone knows of others let me know.

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