Sunday, October 14, 2007

Roosevelt Island on eBay Tonight

I must admit I am no stranger to eBay and buying other people’s stuff even if I truly have no need for it. No one truly needs 38 different sets of the book “Lord Of The Rings” but eBay enabled me to assemble such a collection. So as someone who shares a passion about Roosevelt Island and has no issue surfing what is offered on eBay I decided to see what is up for sale / auction tonight on eBay. The above slide show is pretty much everything I found.

The items pretty much focus on the history of the island including historic photographs, engravings, books and historic post cards. Most are selling via “pay it now” and not up at true auction. Some are labeled Roosevelt Island and some are labeled under Welfare or Blackwell’s Island.


The priciest item selling this evening at auction was the Lego Spiderman box set which includes 355 pieces of Lego enabling the builder to recreate the scene where Spidey rescues MJ from the Green Goblin as well as those of us who were on the Tram for that scene. Unfortunately in this model the Tram does not detach but it does move back and forth on the track provided. It sold for $42 before $15 in shipping fees. The above photo of the Lego set was photographed at the Octagon offices of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society where one such set was donated (for historical purposes obviously).

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