Monday, October 1, 2007

Student Film: Urbanism

I wil admit I have no idea what "urbanism" truly is. This video was titled "Assignment 2: Three Sites" and the description offered only "UD Fall: Roosevelt Island, Hunts Point and Red Hook".

The tag lines offered at the close of the video states

"Now that the waterfront has finally been released from its industrial duties how do we prevent new economic / urban models from hindering public access?"

"Do these economic / urban models get compromised by the processes of a bureaucratoc structure that diffuses the public voice and ultimately stunt a "New Model City?"


ur·ban·ism [úrbə nìzzəm] noun
1. city life: the typical way of life of people who live in a city or town
2. study of cities: the study of life in cities and towns

Direct YouTube Link by jmt2132

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