Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mayor Visits Coler-Goldwater to Announce Training Initiative

Goldwater at 12p

The Roosevelt Islander reported earlier today that the Mayor and an entourage were seen at the Tram on Roosevelt Island. A anonymous comment gave a quick summary of why. Here is the detail:

mrb AT cg

According to a press release issued today by City Hall:

“Mayor Bloomberg today announced a new Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) initiative that will create the Nurse Career Ladder Program for 400 mainly poor and low-income New Yorkers to enter and advance in the nursing profession over the next four school years. The program fills two needs: it creates a career ladder program in a growth industry, and it provides healthcare facilities with nurses who are currently in short supply. Joining the Mayor at Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital on Roosevelt Island were CEO Executive Director Veronica White; Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC ) President Alan D. Aviles; Deputy Schools Chancellor Kathleen Grimm; District 79 Alternative High Schools and Programs Superintendent Cami Anderson and Long Island University School of Nursing Dean Dawn F. Kilts. This initiative puts into action another Center for Economic Opportunity recommendation, and it will focus on helping entry-level healthcare and other low-wage workers take advantage of an opportunity to earn a degree as a registered nurse (RN) or a certificate to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN).”


Apparently part of the nursing program will be at Coler-Goldwater. You can link through to video of the news conference on the press release page.

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