Friday, October 19, 2007

Roosevelt Island Gets to Vote on F Train & Station Starting Oct 22nd

Report Card - F Line Poster - Starting Oct 22

This is finally it. Starting next week Roosevelt Island Residents and everyone else riding the F line can grade the line and let the MTA know how this line is doing. If the results of the previous lines are any indicator the line will do no better than a C overall.

Riders can grade the line either by picking up the pre-printed surveys at their subway stations or by completing the survey on-line. I am wondering if the survey I already completed on line is still in their system or not. Either way I am filling it out again.

As I have ranted about in previous posts my major issues with the line as it applies to my boarding the Manhattan bound trains have been the frequency of trains, how crowded they are, and the status of our escalators and elevators.

Vote early, often and make sure your friends and family all vote.

f train report card - item list


  1. I filled out such report card a few months ago already. Do I have to do this all over again?

  2. I think we do have to submit it again even if we did so weeks ago. I am betting those surveys were not even tabulated.

    As its one overall report card system I am guessing they only truly activated the F Line now. You would have thought they would have had some sort of disclaimer though.