Monday, October 22, 2007

SubChat Thread re LIRR Access for Roosevelt Island

As I expected most of the individuals on SubChat that responded to my query whether access to the LIRR tunnel that exists beneath Roosevelt Island is even possible agreed that the MTA would never attempt or pay for such access.

One individual, Michael549, did cite an example when a lower platform was actually created in an existing station due to rider demand for increased subway service:

“The closet example of what you are talking about would be the creation of the express platforms on the Lexington Avenue line at 59th Street. The express tracks exist below the local tracks, and when the station was originally created only the local trains stopped at the 59th Street station, the upper platforms. The heavy ridership at 59th Street, and the amount of riders transferring to local trains for that station was what prompted the TA to build the express platforms and other improvements.”

Another comment received from WillD included:

“What makes you think the LIRR trains passing through 63rd St Lower Level tunnel would be any less crowded than the F? If the MTA goes and spends perhaps another billion dollar to build a station on the lower level tunnel you may find that it doesn't provide any better service. In that case instead of competing with commuters from Jamaica for seats on the F you'd be competing with commuters from Ronkonkoma, Babylon, Long Beach or other points on the LIRR.”

My response to WillD was as follows:

“I understand and admit that any LIRR train would be crowded as are the F Trains but then at least individuals boarding at those two stops would have two options and those riders could be potentially absorbed by both systems. Currently there are 12,000 residents on Roosevelt Islander. Five new buildings slated for or under construction will add another 3500 individuals at a minimum. Future development could add another 5000. One subway and one tram will never be able to absorb these numbers. The option of LIRR access seems the most economical as the tunneling down at that width already exists as opposed to attempting new stations where the two other subway lines cross under Roosevelt Island.”

I was offered encouragement by Edwards! but also a note to be realistic:

“It possible to create such a station, but it would take a great deal of blasting to carve out a new platform AND access. This in and of itself would cost a large sum of cash,something I don't believe the MTA is prepared to deal with at this or any other moment in the future. But nothings stopping you from forming a group to push the idea..with ENOUGH people just MAY have a chace at an honorable mention..which is saying alot..seeing how the FTA is penny pinching us as it is. My advise to you is..take a shot at voice can start something going.”

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  1. my memory is that the existing subway station here ran over-budget, due to the expense of hewing solid manhattan schist and fordham granite. and this with a 50-ft head start, as they used the hole from an old quarry! the mta doesn't even have us on their radar for maintenance as far as i can see , let alone new construction.
    the fact is that there is NO adequate help coming for the overcrowded F and tram. no lirr station, no stop at the E/V tunnel (accessible from the mta property in southpoint), no ferry in the foreseeable future. the mta COULD add a few more trains at rush hour, but i think track crowding is an issue (trains back up at bottlenecks).
    frankly, the people who have allowed plans to move forward for more buildings on the island than exist currently are bordering on criminally negligent. at best, they have assumed 'someone will eventually fix the transit problem.' at worst they have pocketed their cash and said 'not my problem.'
    the saying goes 'it's just gonna get worse before it gets better.'
    but really, it's just gonna get worse.