Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Will Roosevelt Island Get an N Train Stop as Result of Second Avenue Subway?

As part of the SubChat thread discussing the LIRR East Side Access project and the LIRR tunnels below Roosevelt Island one discussion participant indicated that the N train may is going to stop at Roosevelt Island as a result of the Second Avenue Subway expansion. Read the below line of discussion as that appears to be what is being stated. I have no confirmation of this but this certainly would add capacity to our station.

Broadway Lion: “Besides, the (N) train *will* be going through there too as part of the Second Avenue Subway project. The (Q) will go up 2nd Avenue, and there will be no terminal at 57th Street any more. The (N) will run via 63rd Street and the (R) and (W) trains will run via the 60th Street Tunnel.”

RI 360: “Are you saying you heard something that the *N* will be rerouted to travel through the 63rd Street Tunnel and stop on Roosevelt Island?”

Broadway Lion: “Yes. The (Q) and the (N) trains are both express on Broadway.The Broadway Express trains will take the 63rd Street routing and run via the Bridge.The Broadway Local trains will take the 60th Street tunnel and run via the Tunnel.This will simplify switching and increase the capacity and speed up the running times on the Broadway line. The (N) will return to Continental Avenue, and the (R) will return to Astoria. (R) trains will continue to be serviced in Jamaica.”

This is the first I have heard of this possibility so I have not yet tried confirming this with anyone or the MTA but if true this is exciting. If this has been part of the overall Second Avenue Subway plan why has no one on Roosevelt Island heard this before?

UPDATE - 615pm:

RI 360: "I am guessing this is all very educated conjecture with nothing yet published by the MTA indicating that these are planned route changes? If this is published somewhere I'd be interested in knowing the source. "

Broadway Lion: "Correct. LIONs are smarter than a whole box of burocrats."

OK, so this is all conjecture. It will be nice to dream that it could happen. In the meantime we only have our F Train.

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  1. these people are mostly talking out of their ass. they are armchair station masters, keyboard engineers (a few are current and former rail workers, but i can't say about the ones responding to you).

    when the head of the mta starts posting 'what if' posts on subchat, THEN you should take the discussion seriously.

    some of the guys are subchat are very informative. let's just say that some are not.