Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Roosevelt Island Subway Station: YouTube Video & Construction Update

I am not a fan of this video as it is too shaky and does not truly show you anything of the station other than that the platform is partially blocked by construction. It does show our arching ceiling with no columns holding it up which is unusual for subway stations in NYC (think DC metro).

This morning due to the rains, more likely than not, the subway was delayed and platform packet by 815am. The first train we had to let go and the next was an R which ran on the F line only as far as 63rd/Lex. Of course on a day the platform is a mess I did not have my camera. We did see that Escalator 118 (Lower Mezzanine to the Manhattan Platform) which has been under construction is being tested. Part of the Blue Wall was removed and the treads were in operation. Perhaps soon it will be active and that portion of the Blue Wall limiting access on the platform will be removed soon.

Direct YouTube Link by maikelscofil

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