Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Blackwell Legacy – A Video Game?

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Apparently there are two video games (by Wadjet Eye Games) out there that take place here on Roosevelt Island, circa 1973, and involve a ghost haunting the descendants of the Blackwell family. The games are titled “The Blackwell Legacy” and “Blackwell Unbound”. Double click the game titles to see the plot of each.

Descriptions of the two central characters include:

After watching her mother wither and die, Lauren Blackwell has no desire to follow the same path. With nothing to lose, she accepts her newfound duty as a medium with extreme zeal.

Joey Mallone has been haunting the Blackwell family for generations. Nobody knows why, least of all Joey

A gaming review blog titled “Games for Lunch” reviewed Blackwell Unbound last week on Oct 9th and gave it a thumbs up.


  1. To be fair, it's only Blackwell Unbound that takes place in 1973, and there's only one scene on Roosevelt Island. :) Still, I'm glad you like the game!


  2. Dave -

    To be fair from my side, I actually have not tried the game but was posting about a gamer who had and liked it.

    I did see that your two female leads are just that two separate characters. As the games are set in two different times I guess gamers learn of their family connection in some form. Other than the one scene mentioned are there any others in the other game that take place on the island?

    I listened to the sample tracks from the CD and they sound great.

    - Eric

  3. Unfortunately, there are no other scenes in the games that take place on Roosevelt Island, but there will be in the next game. :) You'll be visiting the lighthouse a few times.

    I always put locations I enjoy in the games I write. Walking along that esplanade at night is one of my favorite strolls. :)

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