Tuesday, October 9, 2007

RI Subway Station: LED Signs Installed on Lower Mez

subway _led signage_arrows

Apparently the MTA along with refurbishing / reconstructing the escalators at the Roosevelt Island subway station decided we can use some sort of electronic signage down on the station's lower mezzanine. The interesting thing is that the screens face away from the escalators.

One would think perhaps the signs are to be clocks or track indicators but what purpose would they serve as you head up and out of the station. Yes we have a number of folks who work on the island for whom knowing the time etc could be useful but the fact is the great majority of the traffic are commuters heading into Queens or Manhattan.

Stay tuned. If there are anything like the current escalators they will not always be working anyway.


  1. They are going to be used just like the others that are hanging from the ceiling on the mezzanine. It will just display things like: "hold on while riding the escalator" (I forgot the exact words) and it will move and jitter and blink. Imagine that. A multi-thousand Dollar (I am pulling this number out of my sleeves but I am sure I am dead on) display just to tell you to be careful on the escalator.

  2. I believe you are probably correct. I saw a new one behind the construction wall near the upper mezzanine and it was activated and saying just that "hold the handrail". Like you said crazy money for something they could put on a hanging static sign.