Monday, October 15, 2007

RFP Issued for Landmarked Blackwell House Landscaping

Blackwell House

Expect to see a major difference in the exterior look of Blackwell House this coming Spring 2008. On Thursday, October 9, 2007, RIOC issued its Request for Proposal #07-21420 which calls for the removal of much of the brick work and fencing we have come to associate with the grounds surrounding Blackwell House.

As the structure is currently a designated NYC landmark I am assuming it is only the exterior and interior of the structure that are subject to the stringent rules as to allowable modifications. I have no idea if the brick walls surrounding the fountain are considered part of the landmarked structure but as noted above the RFP calls for their removal. As a result the fountain currently fenced in will be accessible to the public.

Expect a number of trees to disappear based on their health and their proximity to the house. I would expect that the tree currently used as the island Christmas Tree will remain but who knows.

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Blackwell House - Removal Instructions

Blackwell House - Seeding - Grading

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