Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No F Train Paper Report Cards Available At Roosevelt Island

This past weekend the posters went up at the Roosevelt Island subway station advertising the availabillty of paper report cards. The posters are wrong. Each day I have asked if they have any and each day I am told they do not. The effect of no paper ballots is that individuals who do not have access to the Internet can not grade the F subway train.

Today I also asked for the report cards at the 63rd Street station and the MTA station agents indicated they also had no paper ballots and have been calling requesting the forms. They suggested I call Pamela Bell (718-694-3025) the Superintendant of both their station and the Roosevelt Island station requesting that each station be provided the report cards as soon as possible.

When I called the phone number posted for Ms. Bell I was connected with Customer Service and not Ms. Bell. I informed the agent why I was calling and she took down my requests. She also asked if I had spoken with the station agents and I stated it was they who suggested I call this number. I suggest we all call the number provided and request ballots be stocked as soon as possible I expect that all of you like I will reflect this in the overall service grade for this line.

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