Friday, October 5, 2007

Tram Rumor Update: Shift to Separate Systems - Work to Begin 2009

Rumors of the Tram's demise were too early as expected. The latest "news" is of splitting the single clothesline system into two with work commencing in 2009. This according to one operator this morning on the tram. One consideration was that with independent systems that the system would not have to shift to hourly service upon scheduled maintenance.

As discussed in the last Main Street Wire a shift to a dual system would not result in demonstrably greater percentage of riders moved than currently but it would perhaps give the system more flexibility. More later as its reported.

Either way, according to this operator, the system would require at least 6 months offline to convert over and between changing the cables and slicing off the tower tops and replacing the track leaders it is more likely that the system will be offline for nine months or more.

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