Monday, October 29, 2007

Roosevelt Island Halloween Parade Held Despite Earlier Rains

This past Saturday's Annual Roosevelt Island Halloween Parade looked like it was not going to happen all the way up to 12:00 Noon when the rains let up enough for many kids and the families to scramble outside to join the ghouls and goblins who planned to tough out the rain and march up Main Street no matter what.

As with most of the Halloween parades there is little structure except for the marchers to march behind the local building vehicles which have been ghouled up for the occasion. The parade did not include the planned marching band who must have cancelled due to the rain but a fun time was had by all.

The rain held off until most of the marchers made it into PS / IS 217 where they were greeted by “goodie” bags full of cookies, chips, and juice drinks and Amalgamated Bank soft backpacks filled with Frisbees, toy footballs, and a travel first aid case. The party at PS / IS 217 included a reading in the school cafeteria by Dr. Loretta Long, who played “Susan” when Sesame Street premiered. She read excerpts I believe from her book Courtney’s Birthday Party which seemed to me to be a strange choice for a Halloween party.

For small children after the reading there were art stations, a mini carousel and other free dime store rides for the kids to enjoy. We never made it downstairs but I heard there was some sort of inflatable enclosed bouncing booth for the kids. All in all it was fun despite a bit crowded inside the school.

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