Monday, October 8, 2007

10044 - A Cool Code - Fall for Arts Festival

I have always loved the cable show "Cool in Your Code" and seeing the "10044" mural in front of Blackwell House on Saturday was well ... cool. There are very few neighborhoods in the City that are totally distinguishable from those sharing 4 of the 5 digits in their codes but Roosevelt Island is one of them.

As part of this year's Second Annual Fall for Arts Festival there were murals and painting galore. These three murals were among those "professionally" painted but the kids were not to bne left out even if that meant unfortunately painting over someone else's work by the time they got there.


  1. Hi! I loved your blog! I work in Roosevelt Island and found the blog very interesting! :)


    Lilian Moreira

  2. Thank you very much. If there is anything you think I need to improve or pay more attention to please let me know.