Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hoboken Has Nothing to Worry About From Roosevelt Island

Yesterday the Roosevelt Islander published a post regarding a conversation he had at our local Starbucks with a couple of folks who were dissatisfied with living at the Octagon. The long commute, ease and proximity to Manhattan etc. Anyhow these individuals mentioned they want out and were considering Hoboken. The Roosevelt Islander suggested they look at Riverwalk before contemplating Hoboken as they may find living next to the Tram and the Subway may ease their transportation burden and change their outlook on living here.

Well apparently Craig over at took this as if the Roosevelt Islander was dissing Hoboken and felt he needed to compare our Tram to an amusement park ride etc. I tried posting a comment there but it did not take. I had wanted to point out the focus was not on a comparison of this island to Hoboken. We are a little neighborhood bedroom community. We just got our first chain drug store. No comparison. The focus was on living on the North end of Roosesvelt Island compared to Southtown.

End of story. If wants to continue and pick on a fellow Roosevelt Island blogger he 's got two of us to deal with.


  1. Estuve leyendo y me gustaron tus entradas, me gustaria que hagas lo mismo en mi blog :).
    gracias por el lugar, fede.

  2. thanks for coming to my aid with the NJ folks. You were right on target with what my intent was for the post.

  3. Hi Islanders. I just wanted to say I don't have anything against Roosevelt Island, or the tram. Hoboken sure could use one during the spring floods!

    As you noted, Hoboken and Roosevelt Island are two very different places, and I'd imagine there aren't many people who are on the fence about living in one or the other... each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    I was just amused by Roosevelt Islander's choice of words - "even considering Hoboken," "making drastic step of moving to Hoboken." It's obvious that he is a passionate Islander (as he should be).

    Your comment did take, by the way, it just takes a little while to pop up sometimes.

    I like both your blogs. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks, Craig